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Work experience


Freelancer circus artist

Heidi is a notable freelance circus artist performing with her unique aerial acts. Heidi combines roller skating and aerial arts together to makes it as one discipline. She started straight after graduating her professional career from Sirkus Finlandia, one of the most appreciated big top circuses around the whole circus world.

After that she has been working around Europe with her solo act as well, being part of the productions and circus groups.

To mention some: Cirkus Dannebrog, Circus Berlin on ice, Zippo's Christmas circus, Offenburger Weihnachtscircus, Cirque du Lux, Sisus Sirkus. 



Salpaus Further Education

Circus arts degree

Circus arts degree (120 ects)

Specialized to aerial acrobatics and roller skating.


Dance studio Dance Art

Art's education in dance

Competitive dancer in contemporary, jazz,  show and hip hop dance. Solo, duo and formation competitons.


+45 27 58 81 72


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