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Aerial artist roller skater Heidi Latva in Luxemburger Adventscircus 2018

"Virtuosity is probably doing something humanly almost impossible, but making it look light, easy and downright enjoyable." -Laura Gustafsson, Voima-lehti, 15.12.2021 (translated from Finnish to English)

Alun ja lopun keskellä

In a combination of aerial acrobatics and sweaty moves from the dance floor, circus art’s ideals about the female gender are questioned. The work is accompanied by meditative sounds and atmospheric lighting. It explores aspects of circus which are in constant motion, turning, changing and mental and physical transformation. Alun ja lopun keskellä is Heidi Latvas first full lenght solo piece. Choreographer: Pauliina Latva Circus artist/Performer: Heidi Latva Light design: Kenneth Danielsen Composer: Palle Nothlev Work in progress showing at DYNAMO Workspace on Sunday 18th of February 2024.

In the middle of the beginning and the end

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